For a kid's party, each gets the first initial of their name

Have each child create their own customized monogram letter from Poca Cosa - Creating your own birthday parties at home has never been easier. These DIY Birthday Party Ideas are awesome!

Champagneflûte met snoepjes en een cupcakeje

Boozy Gummy Bear Cupcakes - Soak gummy bears in vodka, put them in a plastic champagne flute, and add a cupcake. ---or just regular gummy bears for any party!

KALAS Beker, diverse kleuren                                                                                                                                                                                 More

KALAS Beker, diverse kleuren

Use Dollar Store colored Solo cups maybe 10 or so in a pack for Aso can cut cup down shorter for small treats.

~Ballon uitnodiging-blaas de ballon op om de details te zien~ @Stephanie Close Oude Tanke

balloon birthday invitation - blow up the balloon to get the details.Love this idea! Could be for all kinds of invitations, not just birthdays, don't you think? I love this idea! so unique and original!

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