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a painting of a river in the middle of a lush green forest with white flowers
an image of a tall tree in the middle of snow covered ground with text that reads, hall of fame south west michigan pete burr
the view from inside a cave looking down at a river running through it and mountains in the distance
ponderation: Descent to Rivendell by efossati (something out of the blue.)
a bird flying over the ocean on a foggy day with waves crashing in to shore
The Best Landscape Lightroom Presets + Camera RAW Presets
a foggy day on the ocean with rocks and trees
a dark forest filled with lots of trees and water flowing down it's sides
Mist in Rostrevor forest
a castle sitting on top of a cliff next to the ocean in foggy weather
an old photo of a castle with frost on the ground and trees in front of it
G R ∆ Y
a castle in the middle of winter with snow on the ground and trees around it
English Idylls