Sinterklaas surprise sneeuwpop van plasic bekertjes die aan elkaar geniet zijn. Door sandra.smitjes

A snowman made with plastic cups that adorned one corner of the stage of their Christmas Festival. To made it, they stapled the plastic cups. They used smaller cups for the head. This is a good idea to do a Christmas balls!

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sinterklaas up shoes eating chocolate letters Sinterklaas songs to sing December fifth gifts evening and helpers see there is the steamboat gingerbread and marzipan

Pinto Pony made from recycled toilet paper rolls and tissue box #crafts

Pinto Pony made from recycled toilet paper rolls and tissue box /// Surprise > in de vorm van een paardje

Robot theme!

Decorations or Cut a hole in the belly and let it be an "offering robot" Robot/Body soapbox/legs straws/feet small candy boxes/ head foam cubes

3D cardboard letters ~ Craft Portal

DIY Architectural Letters ~ Designing and constructing a letter. Instead of wet, messy adhesive, you'll be using paper packing tape to create a papier mache effect. Inexpensive and easy to use, it creates finished letters that are hard and durable.

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You need: black construction paper scissors kite paper glue In the folklore of the Netherlands, Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) is a .