PINK ASTILBE (goat's beard): 1) Perennial 2) Shade loving with consistent moist soil 3) Foliage 8 in. tall, 1 to 2 ft. wide. Flower spikes 10 to 15 in. tall 4) Blooms mid-summer 5) attracts butterflies, deer resistant

Top 10 Flowers That Bloom all Year

PINK ASTILBE (goat's beard): Perennial Shade loving with consistent moist soil Foliage 8 in. tall, 1 to 2 ft. Flower spikes 10 to 15 in. Great landscaping tips!

Ferns & Astilbe are a perfect mix for the shade garden, creating a soft and colorful display. While ferns are initially expensive, they are a hardy perennial and multiply rapidly. They are easily separated to be transplanted in new beds or given to friends. They stay green all summer and die back to a stub in winter for easy fall or spring cleanup.

I don't usually like astilbe but this is pretty. Purple astilbe shade perennial flowers Combination of fern and Astilbe leaf textures, with the soft purple flowers for contrast.

Globe Thistle and phlox. Nature's perfect flower arrangement.

I love this look although I suspect the "globe thistle" mentioned below is sea holly. PURPLE AND BLUE: Phlox and globe thistle

Blue fescue is another good choice for grasses used as groundcovers, that are drought tolerant.

Great Groundcovers

cotton candy plant 3-9

Blooms late summer, tolerates heat, humidity, drought and wet conditions with ease – it provides gorgeous foliage throughout the year, is adaptable to practically every climate and can even grow in poor soil.

Cimicifuga ramosa 'Brunette' (Zilverkaars) wordt tot 180 cm. maar dan hebben we het wel over de lange bloemaren die in september en oktober verschijnen.

This fragrant, unique beauty boasts dark, coppery purple foliage and long, stout-flowering spikes with white blossoms. It thrives in partial shade and is a great addition to your woodland garden. (Actaea simplex) bugbane is its common name.

Meadow sage. Beautiful and low maintenance option for garden

20 Plants That Survive With or Without You

~Meadow Sage~ This deer-resistant perennial is easy to care for and rewards the beginning gardener with long-blooming deep purple flowers. It’s a favorite of hummingbirds and bees, and will become a favorite of yours, as it comes back year after year.

Russian Sage This super-tough plant can grow to 6 feet tall, and is great for the back row of garden borders or along fences. It is heat and drought resistant, and most pests like deer and rabbits will stay away from it. The fragrant silver foliage is just as pretty as the purple blooms.

Russian Sage - Not only is it heat and drought resistant, but deer, rabbits, and most other pests steer clear of it. Name: Perovskia atriplicifolia Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Size: To 6 feet tall Zones:

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My Favorite Plant Combinations 25