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Recycled cereal boxes used to make personalized book bins - This is a good idea for organizing unfinished work or makeup work.

Deux lattes de bois croisées pour ne pas mélanger les pièces de puzzles

This mutiple tables allow to give personal space for each child to play with their puzzles.

Hobby Mommy Creations: DIY Light Table - IKEA Hack

DIY Light Table I joined our preschool board of directors last May and it has been a blast helping get the preschool equipped with awes.


Light Table Mandalas with various materials. We’ve used buttons, glass beads, shells, and bottle caps.The children are constantly looking for more small material collections to use in their Mandalas. A mandala ritual can be a very empowering.

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15 Organizational Hacks For Teachers (That You’ll Want To Steal For Yourself!)

IKEA Paper Organizer - Craft Room - DIY Paper Sorter from stacked IKEA Magazine files. Just tape together with packing tape.

Een hulpmiddel om kinderen te leren hoe ze een schaar correct vasthouden. Plak een oogje op de bovenkant van de schaar. Als het oog hen aankijkt (bovenaan is), houden ze de schaar goed vast.

Pocket Full of Kinders!: Learning To Cut Glue a wiggle eye onto the top of the scissors so students can see that they are holding the scissors correctly!

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