let the children play: seating in the preschool outdoor environment

Good for story time or outdoor lessons let the children play: seating in the preschool outdoor environment

Cable reels as seats

A recycled cable spool which combines a cosy reading bench, a bookshelf, a foot stool and a vertical garden. It's outdoor art and a literary installation too! Designed in Ghana at Mmofra Foundation's children's park.

ground mural and game, this would be fun in the drive way with sidewalk chalk paint

This might be cool for the walkway between the two gardens! Modify using poly spots. Roll a dice with colors to determine where to go.

Een leuk gekleurd pad naar de zandbak is zo gemaakt. Een blok hout, een zaag en felle kleurtjes verf...klaar is kees!

This is an awesome Idea for stepping stones in the veggie garden: painted tree trunks

Fantastic maze for the kids!

Fantastic maze for the kids

Colorful :)

15 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces

stock photo : Whimsical white picket fence with many small birdhouses. ~ why yes, yes I would love a bunch of colorful birdhouses on my fence! So quaint and fun.

How to turn 2 chairs into a bench! Great DIY idea!

Mak and Jill are so creative! Check out how they turned a couple thrifted wood chairs into a new bench!

Buiten spelen. Met krijt of met water.

The outdoor chalk board could be cool in the secret garden. Outdoor chalk board would be great for our kids, whilst covering up the old wooden fence