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Summer Cloud Science

Science Experiments for Kids. Activities so many kids’ science experiments you can do at home. From learning about how clouds rain to making sun-dried raisins, this list of 20 favorite science activities promises to be fun for kids AND grown ups.

Tornado in a jar..fun

Tornado in a Jar: jar, water, dish soap. How to: Fill the jar with water, squeeze in some dish soap (just a little), and shake!

Fall Leaf "Snow" Globes - Love this fall craft idea for kids! The leaves fall when you shake the jar.

Fall Tree 'Snow Globes' Craft for Kids

Make your own Cloud with this fun Science Experiment! [ EducatorHub.com ] #science #education #hub #personalization

weather, clouds, environmental science, Make A Cloud, with this fun science experiment for kids. Learn what three things a cloud needs to form and make your very own cloud in a jar!

Preschool Science - thunderstorm in a cup -Fill the cup half full of water (sky) Add shaving cream (clouds) few drops food coloring (water droplets).  Explain as the cloud gets full and heavy the water starts to fall from the sky as rain. concept of lightning by explaining the frozen water in the cloud bumps into each other and causes an electrical charge.  Bent paperclips represent lightning.

Preschool Science - thunderstorm in a cup - Brie Brie Blooms. Did this and it was pretty neat

Rain - Cute way to tie in and talk about the water cycle.

Kindergarten Rain - Cute way to tie in and talk about the water cycle.

weather themed science activities that kids LOVE

Science: Weather themed activities that work in your classroom! Our first unit is earth science, and the weather part is always so hard. Maybe these will help.