DIY Dyed Rainbow "Grimm" Style Wooden Blocks

DIY Dyed Rainbow "Grimm" Style Wooden Blocks (unfinished wood blocks dyed with liquid watercolor-- looks VERY easy and affordable. Just note that it is not baby-proof bc the dye is not 'set' and will come off with water (ie slobber))

Pink Stripey Socks: Make a Cardboard Bridge for Trains and Cars

Building with colourful cups (",)

The Ultimate Block Party is an important and fun-filled demonstration of play-based learning. It is also a celebration of the first year of full-day early learning in Ontario schools.

Make a River! Easy Imaginative Play in the Sand Pit.

AM: This would be a fun interactive activity for students to great their own Mississippi river. Make a River - imaginative play in the sand pit!

From maps to mazes and amazing teamwork

Make an easy cardboard winter castle. A wonderful handmade toy for kids. Would make a cute Bethlehem for a nativity

Encouraging Block Play {With Girls

Encouraging Block Play {With Girls} to inspire a wider range of play in classroom block areas (via Happiness is here)


let the children play: Ideas for adding natural elements to your outdoor play space - "loose parts"

mozaïektegels in de bouwhoek

Adding mosaic tiles in the construction area brings a whole new dimension to building.

A great use for old crates - children can build giant block structures that they can fit inside. In this case, the children can have a part in building their own playground.

Abstract Invitation to Play: Building & designing with a collection of rocks, stones & pebbles - could have a few inuksuks set up when the kids come in.