Observe how a plant grows towards the direction of light in a shoe box plant maze- fun science project for my kiddos

Science Saturday

How To Make Self-watering Seed Starter Pots. We are excited to share with you this recycling project. It is truly green and fun. You do not only recycle those plastic water bottles, but also make self-watering seed starter pots for you to start your herb

Sun Hats & Wellie Boots: Discovery Bottles - The Four Seasons. A great gift idea for friends w toddlers, they are too busy to make them, but sure could use them! Being a mom of a two year old, I know!

13 Vegetables That Magically Regrow Themselves You can grow carrot greens from discarded carrot tops. ******so u can buy organic and regrow organic******* ******could actually afford organic now!

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This farm playscape can be easily duplicated on a wooden coffee table. I like how it provides grass and dirt and also animals to act out dramatic play scenarios about farms.


I totally love these bugs. One could get inspiration from them for future art deeds.

It really doesn't get much easier than this. Get the kids involved and watch the glow on their faces when the birds start to roost. Child decoration time: A lot longer (ah, bliss). Durability: A full season or even two.

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