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After The Dance by Terence Rattigan,directed by Thea Sharrock.With Benedict Cumberbatch as David Scott-Fowler. opens at The Lyttleton Theatre at The Royal National Theatre on Credit Geraint Lewis

On Charles Dicken’s 202nd Birthday Ceremony…

Tom, Lydia and Oliver Dickens (Great-great-great grandchildren of Charles Dickens) take a selfie with Dickens' newly unveiled statue in Portsmouth on what would have been his birthday.

hnnngggg I'll pin this one more time.

Tom - Coriolanus Check out Bella 's painting of this pic.You'll be amazed!

They look so similar!!! Father and son

Benedict Cumberbatch and, at left, his father, actor Timothy Carlton, who also plays his father on SHERLOCK (BBC).

Should I even ask what's happening in this picture???

Should I even ask what's happening in this picture?