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multicolored crocheted balls and tassels hanging on a clothes line
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four crocheted plates sitting on top of a white table covered in multicolored doily
Gratis haakpatroon: MANDALA - Freubelweb
Mandala's zijn en blijven leuk om te maken met restjes haakkatoen of haakgaren die je nog hebt liggen. Deze mandala is ontworpen door LillaBjörn. Erg mooi!
crocheted hanging baskets with tassels on a line against a white wall
Neue Anleitung: Boho Square Laterne - auch für St. Martin
a hammock with apples and oranges hanging from it's side on the wall
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Crochet Dreamcatcher, Crochet Wall Hanging, Crochet Plant Hanger, Crochet Pillow Cover, Crochet Rug, Crochet Basket, Crochet Coaster, Crochet Table Runner, Crochet Curtain Tiebacks, Crochet Lampshade, Crochet Wall Art, Crochet Doily, Crochet Garland, Crochet Pouf, Crochet Cushion Cover, Crochet Tissue Box Cover, Crochet Floor Pouf, Crochet Blanket, Crochet Wall Organizer, Crochet Chair Cover, Crochet Mandala, Crochet Snowflakes, Crochet Christmas Ornaments, Crochet Sunflower, Crochet Baby Mobile
apples and oranges in a hammock hanging on the wall with macrame
Anyone have an extra or similar pattern like this one? Looking to put this in my kitchen! :)
two small crocheted birds are held in someone's hand, next to some eggs
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a small camper shaped purse sitting on top of a stove
a computer screen with the words camper base and an image of a car on it
- Grannysquare.org F87
three crochet tassels hanging from hooks on a wall, each with different colored tassels
multicolored crocheted bag hanging from the ceiling
Gratis haakpatroon: LAMPION - Freubelweb
Gehaakte lampion
a crocheted wind chime hanging from a brick wall
Gehaakte lampion , gratis patroon van wolplein .
a multicolored crocheted wind chime hanging from a string with a toothpick in it
Lampion haken voor Sint Maarten - Wolplein.nl | Alles voor breien en haken!
Gratis haakpatroon - maak een leuke lampion voor Sint Maarten