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Zine-o-Matic Subscription Box | Cratejoy

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Nick Cave’s handwritten dictionary of words
absentia:  (by meghanmcclelland)
Scripture that bums me out on the right. Scripture... - Wayword Girl

Internship Report 3rd yr /schoolprojects

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All beautiful eyes of a being who feel stress, anxiety, fear, nurturing, intelligence and pain
This planet cannot sustain this system | Anonymous ART of Revolution
Protest kunst, ook beweging. Je ziet 2 kinderen bij graffiti staan bij een protesterende tekst waarmee de maker zijn kijk op de huidige maatschappij laat blijken.

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Completely made of borosilicate glass, the Bubble Cabinet is huge cluster of soap bubbles: beautiful, bright and incredibly fragile, it encloses deep iconic meanings related to our contemporary
Bubble, 2011 hilden diaz

Samensmelting - Aha Erlbebnis 2018 /schoolprojects

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Alterego's - 2020 /schoolprojects

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an array of brochures with red and white designs on them, including scissors
67 Best Zine ideas images | Zine, Book design, Art zine
three yellow and blue paper with the words how to make a zine on it
Scholastic Teaching Tools | Resources for Teachers
Zine Making 101 | Scholastic
a piece of art that has been made into a wall hanging ornament with writing on it
Produção de zines ganha força com artistas e editoras independentes, atraindo cada vez mais adeptos na era digital - FTCMag
a black and white drawing of various things in the process of being drawn on paper
How To Make Zines 2B
some red and black hearts are on a white paper with many other handwritten letters
Antoni Tápies
playing cards are arranged on a white surface
a stack of magazines sitting on top of a yellow wooden table next to each other
Building Stories: Cartoonist Chris Ware Explores the Architecture of Being Human
Building Stories: Cartoonist Chris Ware Explores the Architecture of Being Human – Brain Pickings
an open book with the words i should be a model printed on it and pink ink
Pixel Perfect: a screen printed zine
an assortment of art work displayed on a white surface with black and yellow squares in the middle
two sheets of paper with drawings on them
As Ever, Zines Are Printing the Way For Diversity, Inclusion + Fun in Publishing
Zine-making has rapidly evolved since the early punk and Riot Grrrl days, when greyscale Xerox dominated the visual landscape of self-publishing. Today, zines come in all colors, shapes, and sizes; and the diversity of their form and content is reflective of the designers and artists who produce them. At this year's