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there are crayons and markers on the paper
Do-A-Dot Learning Activities • Capturing Parenthood
flowers and beads are arranged in the shape of numbers next to a bowl of beads
Counting with Flowers
a child is drawing fish in the pond on a piece of paper that says fish in the pond
Fish in the Pond: Simple Counting Activity for Toddlers & Preschoolers — Oh Hey Let's Play
Oh Hey Let's Play
a notebook with shapes drawn on it next to crayon markers and a marker
Red Fish, Blue Fish Dr. Seuss Activities & Printables — Oh Hey Let's Play
a handprinted snowflake is displayed on a blue card that says, god made me
God Made Me Unique Like a Snowflake - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
this free printable fine motor patterning mats is perfect for kids to practice fine motor skills
Winter Mitten Fine Motor Mats - Fantastic Fun & Learning
someone is painting snowflakes on paper with watercolors and then using a paintbrush
Magic Salt and Watercolor Snowflake Art
beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes with text overlay
Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes
a book cover with snowflake craft on it
Winter Preschool Snowflake Craft and Lesson