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four different pictures of doodles and markers
Sketchbooks (2015)
an open notebook with some drawings on it
someone is holding up a book with drawings on it
Artist | Justanotherada
an illustrated map of paris with all the major attractions
What is your favorite European city? - Katie Considers
Illustrated map of Paris by Livi Gosling #art #etsy
an artist's desk with watercolors, paintbrushes and cactus stickers
Cactus en acuarela
Ilustración de Cactus en técnica de Acuarela.
an open book with pictures and words on the pages, in three different ways to read
Inspirations : carnets de voyage
a drawing with instructions on how to do it
Alex T. Smith
Alex T. Smith -
an open notebook with a drawing of a person holding an umbrella and watering the rain
_el niñohuevo no se moja
some type of drawing with red and blue colors
curated contemporary art /// lizzy stewart
lizzy stewart - helsinki travel diary
four different types of buildings are shown in this drawing book, with the names of each building
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of lehel kovács
i’m jealous of lehel kovács | Sketchbook
an old book with many different pictures on it
notes too
Doodles on sheet music
a drawing of cats and kittens in a circle on white paper with black marker
Doodle : March Updates + The Sleepyheads
Art doodle #art #drawing #cute #doodles #journal
a pen and eraser sitting on top of a paper with the words sketch - a - day challenge
How to Do a Sketch 365 or Sketch-a-Day Challenge
On the Creative Market Blog - How to Do a Sketch 365 or Sketch-a-Day Challenge I am so gonna do this
a collage of many different pictures with birds and flowers on them, all in various colors
journaling, i think