Brenda Schouten-Beckett

Brenda Schouten-Beckett

Brenda Schouten-Beckett
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What Makes A Great Leader: Part 1

Why Bernie Sanders Must be the Next President of the US

More than a Dozen Cops Charged With Rape of Children and Child Pornography Still Working on Force | Filming Cops

More than a Dozen New Orleans Cops Charged With Rape of Children and Child Pornography Still Working on Force

What the mainstream corporate media wants you to see, what they don't want you to see and what they will never show you about the 2016 presidential election. #BoycottMSM #BernieOrBust #DropOutHillary #NeverHillary

Mainstream media bias against Bernie and for Clinton. If she was a good candidate, why would she need all of this help?

Death by police. Needs to stop. ~ trish

and what else we know is that these bastards are shady as hell and great liars. Full transparency now; equal justice for all Americans.

The Police State in action. Yet again.

I love you Virginia but you cant do that. Truly, what has happened to our police personnel? It seems they should be all be seeing therapists to help them deal with fear on the job, PTSD whatever you want to call it.

Is this how our veterans should be treated?? Quit cutting their benefits!!

Couple Had Their Daughter Stolen from Them for "Smoking Pot." Then it Got Much Worse

#BlackLivesMatter... LET THIS SINK IN PEOPLE !!

I love that: "if you can't see why we're saying 'black lives matter' you're part of the problem." And let's be honest, a LOT of the people saying "all lives matter" sure don't act like any life BUT THEIR OWN matters.

Police in the U.K. have killed 52 people in the last 115 years police in the…

Police in UK have killed 52 people in last 115 years. Police in US have killed 369 people in past 115 days. What a difference.

RobKall.Com - Tying Together the Websites of Rob Kall

Com - Tying Together the Websites of Rob Kall

Jon Stewart nails why there is no 'real America'

Jon Stewart Nails Why There is No 'Real America'

What's new? Indian suffering has always been ignored.

One athlete stages a protest and the mainstream media is in a frenzy for days. Thousands of Native Americans protest and there is a complete media blackout.

Martha fort on Twitter: "@zachhaller"

Trump is a demagogue who caters to the lowest common denominator ~ Stephen Hawking, Theoretical Physicist