Schutz Gutter
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Love this narrow courtyard. The beach rocks and the spiral staircase are my favorites.

A spiral staircase descends from the glass deck to the rain garden, which replaced a concrete pad // Architecture: David Baker + Partners // Photography: dave lauridsen.


Oooo, you're the best friend that I ever had ~ I've been with you such a long time ~ You're my sunshine, and I want you to know, That my feelings are true ~ I really love you! Oh you're my best friend! (Song lyrics by Queen)

Having a bad day? Watch this pug go up the stairs. I just watched it 5 times in a row.

Watch this Pug go up the stairs, No seriously. Watch this pug go up the stairs. I watched it like 4 times in a funny. like tigger :D I watched it maybe 10 times cry laughing.