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a drawing of a woman with a bow and arrow in front of a full moon
Obsidian Phoenix by dleoblack on DeviantArt
Ladies of the Harem, please welcome Lady Melony Wood, Harem Lady #19. Melony is my daughter in law, and will fit in nicely here as she's a quick wit. Welcome, Lady Melony! Obsidian Phoenix by dleoblack
No one is You ~ and that is Your Power ༺♡༻ Wild Woman Sisterhood™ Updos For Dreadlocks, Orr Piercing, Red Dreads, Double Nose Piercing, Wild Women Sisterhood, Dreads Girl, Beautiful Dreadlocks, Dreads Styles, Estilo Rock
No one is You ~ and that is Your Power ༺♡༻ Wild Woman Sisterhood™
a woman with long hair and a feather on her head is looking at the sky
Fiona Childs (fionachilds)
Be wild. Be love. Be free. Be hope. Be you.
a woman holding a feather in her hand
Daily Blog
The earth recognizes people in whom Source flowers. There is a sensuousness, a centeredness, a grace to their movement. There is a relaxed gentility of power flowing quietly within and beneath their action. There is a humble assuredness about them, a reverence, a sense of humor and a sense of the sacred entwined. They are the magical people, for whom the earth has longed • Ken Carey More
two people are doing yoga with the words, ideas for doing yoga with your partner
DownDog Diary Yoga Keeps you Young: Yoga with Your Partner - DownDog Diary
Yoga with Your Partner
a woman in white dress holding an umbrella over her head while standing on one leg
Awakening the happiness of the self revealed
i am very into husband wife yoga...try it. Robbie has done it and I think we may start a partner time a few times a week. I RECCOMMEND it ladies!!!!!1
two women doing yoga on the beach with their legs in the air and one standing up
Fitness For Two: The Beauty of Acro-Yoga
Couples and friends that sweat together stay together. Here’s the proof. One of the most exciting (and potentially steamy) partner workouts is acro-yoga, a practice that combines the flexibility and strength of yoga with the grace of acrobatics. We featured power yoga couple Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Kleins stunning flow in our February issue. When Im flying, Dice supports me, but that doesnt mean I can relax. I have to use core strength to balance my weight and help him, Smyth says. And ....
an image of two people on the ground with one being held over by another person
Love this pic of Batman and Superman doing Acroyoga!
Find out how yoga can help strengthen your relationship! Yoga For Two, Sivananda Yoga, Yoga Poses Photography, Yoga Poses For Men, Different Types Of Yoga, Beginner Yoga
Yoga for two, please
Find out how yoga can help strengthen your relationship!