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PE Induction Cap Seal Liners

PE Induction seal liners are bottle sealing products suitable for Polyethylene plastic bottle & container sealing. PE Induction heat seal liners can provide a strong sealing on PE bottles and prevent leakage during shipment and storage. Pharmaceutical, food & beverages, lubricants and agro chemicals products are some of the industries interested in induction seal liners.
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supplier of high quality foamback induction seal liner for polyethylene bottles and containers at very high quality and low price in liner disk pre-cut

Foamback PE induction seal liners, foam-back PEcap seal liners

Paper-back PE induction seal liner for polyethylene bottles & containers sealing. PE cap seal liner two piece (PE foil seal) at how prices & high qialty

Paper-back PE Induction Seal Liner - PE Cap Seal liner

PE bottle induction heat seal liner at high quality cheap price from Chinese manufacturer & exporter. Polyethylene induction cap seal for PE bottle sealing.

one-piece PE induction seal liner, PE induction cap seal liner