Mrs. Allen's Art Room: Weaving Buddies

Allen's Art Room: Weaving Buddies - lots of great and complete lesson inspiration on this site

2nd Grade, Family Portraits

Pencil Portrait Mastery - Grade, Family Portraits--will have to think of how to define family, but I love the idea of students creating personally meaningful artworks. - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits

Around the Kampfire: 100th Day Writing & A Freebie

100th Day Writing & A Freebie

Here's a fun idea for day writing plus a FREE printable Day of School class book; Things We've Been Told 100 Times!

clothespin faeries. Add silk flower petals for dresses and wings. Acorn caps for hats.

handmade wooden folk art clothespin dolls .. RESERVED FOR looiejames

Grandma’s portrait

Grandma’s portrait maid by kid . A lovely gift idea for grandma on Mother's Day.