Dalmatian Islands

Dive into a magical Mediterranean archipelago, as yet relatively untouched by the package tour…
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palm trees in front of an old building
Stay at the Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour Hotel. http://www.secretearth.com/accommodations/700-riva-hvar-yacht-harbour-hotel
some people are swimming in the blue water
Enter the Modra Spilja (Blue Cave) on Biševo. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1860-blue-cave
an island in the middle of some water with trees around it and buildings on top
Kayak to the 12th-century monastery in the centre of one of Mljet's saltwater lakes. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1873-mljet-national-park
an island surrounded by trees in the middle of water with mountains and blue sky behind it
Mljet National Park. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1873-mljet-national-park
two men dressed in medieval costumes standing on top of a castle
Traditional medieval sword dance in Korčula. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1866-moreska-sword-dance
an old building with a clock on the front
Romaneque-Gothic cathedral in Korčula. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1857-korcula-s-old-town
several boats are docked in the water at a dock with mountains in the back ground
Picturesque harbour at Korčula. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1857-korcula-s-old-town
an aerial view of a small island in the ocean
Korčula's old town sits on a tiny peninusula jutting out into the Pelješac Channel. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1857-korcula-s-old-town
an aerial view of several small islands in the middle of blue water with sailboats on them
The Pakleni archipelago consists of 21 islets. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1855-pakleni-islets
people are swimming in the clear blue water next to an old building and clock tower
The historic island of Hvar. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1854-hvar-s-old-town
boats are parked on the water in front of some buildings and trees with mountains in the background
Franciscan monastery above the Venetian-era town. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1854-hvar-s-old-town
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings and trees in the foreground
Baroque cathedral on the main square of Hvar's old town. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1854-hvar-s-old-town
rows of vines with mountains in the background
Wine tasting in Croatia's vineyards. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1945-wine-tasting-in-the-dalmatian-islands
a person is parasailing in the ocean with mountains in the backgroud
Kitesurfing in Brač. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1941-wind-and-kitesurfing-in-the-dalmatian-islands
a person scubas near a ship wreck in the ocean
There's more beneath the surface. Explore the underwater scenery of Dalmatia's shores. http://www.secretearth.com/attractions/1856-diving-in-the-dalmatian-islands