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Marine Mist Earrings design process by MonJude Studio
With each delicate element thoughtfully placed, these earrings radiate the allure of sun-kissed shores and tranquil waters. Let Marine Mist adorn your ears as a tribute to the boundless beauty and mystery of the sea. Materials: Handcrafted using 14k gold plated hooks, non-tarnish gold lacquered copper wire, and genuine pearls, amazonite, and a conch seashell.
four different types of hair pins with flowers on them
"Stained Glass" Flower Ring
the earrings are made out of wire and have four petals on each side, with one flower in the middle
Matched Small Peonies✨ handcrafted with love in gold fill + sterling silver, to last you a lifetime ➰ #anitabjewelry