Sef Peeters
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fixing a stripped hole with a golf tee

Gotta remember this- would work for any stripped screw hole- though I think I would put a little wood glue on the tee before inserting it. Golf tee fix for stripped holes - put in glue, hammer in golf tee, cut off excess, then add screw = fixed.

picture hanging tip

Hammer nail through a wooden ruler. Hang picture on that nail. Line it on the wall where you want it. Remove picture, push in nail to make an indent. Remove ruler, hammer another nail into the wall Hang your perfect picture up.

TOH - Painting with "sprayed-on" results

Smooth Brushwork skills - step 4 is the key: Mix in a few ounces per gallon of a latex paint conditioner such as Floetrol to slow dry time and improve flow. Slower drying allows paint to spread or level before it skins, minimizing brushstrokes.