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the text on the phone says, if courage isn't the presence of fear but doing
I think everyone needs to see this
two tweets on twitter with the caption'diamonds are formed under pressure and bread dough rises when you let it rest we're all our own things
Who knows
someone is writing on the barbed wire
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I Might Get Cynical
an image of a woman's face with the caption that reads, almost every woman i have ever met has a secret
.* (◠‿◠) @ᴛᴏɴɪᴀkɪɴʙᴀ .*
two tweets that are on the same page, one is telling someone to stop talking
I'm Fine, Sick
I am 1 in 4 (@iam_1in4) / X
a tweet with the caption'i'd rather plan a $ 20, 000 honeymoon than a $ 20, 000 wedding can you imagine the vacation you could go on for $ 20 00?
The possibilities are endless. - Funny