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the leaves of a tree are green and blurry in the background, as seen from above
Absinthe du Val-de-Travers
a field full of colorful flowers with mountains in the background
flower park, japan
an underwater view of some corals and seaweed
Works - Underwater Sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor
rocks covered in lichen and moss growing on top of each other, against a blue sky
Breezing By
Een wormpje Insects, Bugs And Insects, Moth Caterpillar, Moth, Beetles, Creatures, Cool Insects, Beautiful Bugs, Nature Animals
A Saturniidae shaman moth caterpillar. Switzerland.
Een wormpje
a chair made out of grass and flowers on top of a wooden floor next to a door
Gemaakt van overgebleven wol
moss covered shoes sitting on top of a wooden bench
of Clouds and Stars
a close up of a tree stump with many different types of mushrooms growing on it
an aerial view of water and land in the desert, with blue patches on it
See Iceland's Stunning Glacial Kettles From Above
See Iceland's Stunning Glacial Kettles From Above - Atlas Obscura
three blue flowers with gold stems in front of some purple and green leaves on the other side
a crocheted object with many balls and flowers on it's surface, as seen from above
Knitting with bacteria | Design Indaba
Sonja Bäumel
an underwater view of seaweed and rocks
two blue mushrooms with water splashing on them
a white plate with many different colored objects on it's side, including circles and flowers