Foto op hout

Learn how to transfer your favorite photos to wood with out DIY Photo Transfer Tutorial! Aprenda a transferir suas fotos favoritas a madeira sem DIY Tutorial Photo Transfer!

On a canvas instead

Fun and Easy Silhouette DIY Wall Art. I would do it on a solid color though instead of wood grain being in the silhouette.

How to transfer Photo Images to Wood

ToolGirl Mag Ruffman - Transferring Photo Images to Wood I love this! I foresee much of this in my future!

Foto op hout maken!! Lijkt echt super, toch even proberen

Transfer a Photo onto a Slab of Wood: cover wood with gel medium; place paper picture-side down; firmly smooth out all bubbles; let dry overnight; gently rub wetted paper off; clean all paper residue off; cover with mod podge; let dry;

Pictures on canvas with mod podge. Diy Dutch version. Foto's op canvas, doe het zelf!

Canvas photo transfer Supplies needed" stretched canvas, gel medium, paint brush and the image you want to transfer (laser copy) and a spray bottle filled with water.

Erg makkelijk om zelf te maken!

How To Transfer A Photo To Wood – Video Tutorial creative ideas. Perhaps a picture of the couple and then vintage pics of other family members?

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