Cute Car Seat Covers!

Blue Bear Infant Car Seat Cover, Baby Carseat Cover up to seat. Brown Bear on medium Blue, SMOOTH Texture Baby Car Seat Cover

Ways to carry a baby and how it affects their development over time. Please every mommy read and pin this! :). This is very well researched and written. Wow! Love this!

strollers, baby carriers and infant article on proper baby wearing and how we should make it the rule of thumb and make strollers the exception.


Love the fabric on the ceiling, the fancy mirror and the chandelier! Little girls room idea!

baby baby baby baby baby baby

It says for a teenage girl room idea, but I think the circle crib is a cute idea for a baby girl. I also like the little canopy over the crib.

Would be so nice for someone having a baby girl...nice soft pink, and pretty pattern! <3

Would be so nice for someone having a baby girl.nice soft pink, and pretty pattern! No pattern

baby girl's room

I can't have kids but if I did I would SO do this! it's so pretty! Wall Decal Cherry Blossom Tree Love the pink and black and grey for baby girl's room!

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Stoer en romantisch

Car seat cover tutorial

Easy diy car seat tutorial- LOVE that you can do this when you have a surprise baby boy after a baby girl!