Middle Eastern Cooking

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a plate full of stuffed grape leaves and beef
A complete one-pot meal as festive as it is delicious. #PalestinianFood #MiddleEasternRecipes #SeriousEats
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a silver plate topped with rice and meat
Spices bloomed in ghee add complexity to this celebratory Palestinian dish. #PalestinianRecipes #MiddleEasternRecipes #SeriousEats
2h 30m
a bowl filled with salad on top of a table
Salata Falahiyeh (Palestinian or Farmers Salad) Recipe
If all you have at home are tomatoes, onion, and mint, you can enjoy a very delicious salad. #PalestinianFood #MiddleEasternRecipes #SeriousEats
a bowl of herbs next to a plate with bread on it and the words middle eastern herb blend
Za'atar (Middle Eastern Herb Blend)
Fragrant herbs create a blend that pairs perfectly with countless dishes (and is perfect even on its own). #MiddleEastern #MiddleEasternRecipes #SeriousEats
a white bowl filled with rice and vegetables
North African Tuna and Rice Salad
Preserved lemons and tuna transform leftover white rice into the perfect salad meal. #MiddleEastern #ScrapCooking #EasyRecipes #SeriousEats
a white bowl filled with soup and meatballs
Shurabet el Eid (Holiday Soup) Recipe
Turn simple chicken broth into a full meal with the addition of white rice and easy meatballs. #HolidaySoup #MiddleEastern #ScrapCooking #SeriousEats
a bowl filled with rice and garnish on top of a black plate next to a spoon
This Garlicky, Yogurty Rice Porridge Is Comfort Food at Its Best
Reheating rice in a garlic-infused yogurt is a quick way to make a comforting and satisfying meal. #MiddleEastern #Porridge #EasyRecipes #ScrapCooking #SeriousEats
several pieces of cheese with black sesame sprinkles on them and the words borek
How to Make Borek (Armenian Spinach and Cheese Turnovers)
Crispy, cheesy hand pies that are a must for any mezze spread. #Borek #Boreg #Armenian #SeriousEats
1h 45m