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Brooklyn lager , not bad but seems fairly bland compared to a lot of other beers
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This is a classic American interpretation of a Vienna-style lager, described by Brooklyn Brewery as amber-gold in color and displaying a firm malt center supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma.This homebrew recipe is featured in Top 50 Commercial Clone Beer Recipes. Find out what recipe was featured for your state! #AllAboutBeer
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Brooklyn (New York)
Brooklyn (New York) - Baby Names Inspired by Amazing Places Around the World - Photos
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Brooklyn Lager, la international amber lager de Brooklyn Brewery (EE.UU.).
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brooklyn lager - 30977
I love you
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Brooklyn Brewery Lager
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Brooklyn Lager. Jake's fav
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The roots of New York City’s expanding craft-beer scene can be found at the Brooklyn Brewery, a neighborhood staple since 1996. Tours of the brewery are offered on weekends, or you can try one of the beers on tap. Brooklyn Lager is the classic choice, but we recommend the smooth brown ale or one of the seasonal brews.
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Brooklyn Lager
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Brooklyn Brewery
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Milton Glaser | The Work | Brooklyn Brewery
Milton Glaser | The Work | Brooklyn Brewery