Shaheen Hameedah
Shaheen Hameedah
Shaheen Hameedah

Shaheen Hameedah

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alicecarrier: very happy to have this piece buttoned up! thanks tara lets do more tattoos! lush florals by alice carrier

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Edie Sedgwick (before she bleached her hair) at an Andy Warhol opening in Paris wearing a spiked antique iron dog collar. Chez Castel, Rue Princesse, Paris, 1965. Photo by Jean Jacques Bugat #EdieSedgwick #AndyWarhol #PunkBeforePunk

.Loved the 60's make up. Block mascara with a brush......spit and brush!

Top 10 Make-up Looks Inspired by The 60's

mod model twiggy in mod make-up. 60s Party at the Walker #inspiration

Edith Edie Minturn Sedgwick Heiress Socialite 1960s Sixties Andy Warhol Pop Art Film Superstar Actress Vogue Youthquaker Underground Fashion Icon Silver Factory Party 1965 #EdieSedgwick #AndyWarhol #WarholFactory

Anos 60: Estilo Edie Sedgwick