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3 Ways to Create Character Flaws By Janice Hardy, @Ianice.Hardy I. Give them fears: What are they afraid of? Fears are great flaws to play with. because you can use them as excuses foryour characters to make the wrong decision or even act out of character. - What past traumas might affect current behavior? - What are they lrrationally afraid of? > What are they seaetly afraid 0t? » What are they publicly afraid 0t? , What fears relate to the current problem? - What fears are caused by the overall plot problem? - What fears draw on Internal confllcts? 2. Give them preiudices: What makes them angJy? I use prejudice in the more classic sense of. "unfavorable opinions or preconceived notions" than the more common "racist" way. We all have opinions and ideas that shape who we are and how we think , What were they taught to dislike or disapprove of as a child? - What pushes their buttons? » What do they believe that's wrong? » What do they believe that's not so nice. but accurate? - What do they have no tolerance for? » What wlll they fight about? - What are they ashamed of? 3. Give them strong traits: What traits do they have that don't always work in their favor? Even positive traits can be flaws in the right situation. Being forced to go against your nature can add wonderful internal conflict to an external goal. - What posltive trait could become a flaw in the right situation? - What positive trait causes just as many problems as it solves? - What trait annoys other characters? - What trait might be holding the character back? - What trait symbolizes the soul of thls character? - iFunny
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15 Secrets To Writing A Successful Novel As Told By Children's Book Authors
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Writing Tips – Writing Advice on Instagram: “Yeehaw my hip is being stupid × … – #advice #hip #Instagram #stupid #Tips – maaghie - quotes
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