Verrassend! Verven met een bellenblazer...

Bubble Painting with Bubble Blowers: Kids Love This Painting Activity

Kid Craft time at family reunion.Using just two ingredients, this super fun bubble blower painting will have your kids spellbound! How about painting on a sheet that will let the light shine through on the light box!

Bubblewrap over cardboard roll

Polka dot fun~ Cover a paper towel or toilet paper roll with bubble wrap, paint the bubbles and then press on. More bubble wrap fun!

Schilderen met een saladedroger

Need to find a cheap salad spinner! Spin Art Craft- paint with salad spinner, fine motor, strength, shoulder girdle, bilateral integration

Shaving Cream Painting - SUPER fun

Arts & crafts for kids: Shaving Cream Painting. Shaving cream sprayed into a tray with drops of paint on top. Kids have a fork and swirl it. Place paper over top when done and peel off

Ieder krijgt een kwart van een cirkel en kleurt deze in. Nadien worden de verschillende stukjes één werk. Iets voor een sovales?

Everyone gets a square with a quarter circle, this is the end result- could be a good ice breaker beginning of year activity. Each student decorates the square and includes their name. Nice way to decorate the bulletin boards in the beginning of the year!

Verven met waterverf, zout en lijm.

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt. Kids will love being creative and making designs with the glue. The salt creates a pretty starburst effect by soaking up paint pigments as the painting dries. And as an extra bonus: the salt sparkles!

Het knappe kunstenaarsspel voor kleuters, A3, Thema kunst,

Het knappe kunstenaarsspel voor kleuters, Thema kunst, kleuteridee , The handsome artists game for preschool, With English & Dutch gamerules free printable.

Interactieve praatplaat museum, kleuteridee by juf Petra

TOUCH this image: Interactieve praatplaat museum, juf Petra, by juf Petra