Shaun Van Oorde-grainger

Shaun Van Oorde-grainger

Shaun Van Oorde-grainger
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A humanoid robot that sees, knows where it is, and walks like a human? Finally. Now get me a beer.

Samsung’s Roboray — a humanoid robot who actually walks like a human, sort of — just got a brain upgrade: new computer-vision algorithms developed by University of Bristol researchers.


Wireless USB Touch Sensor Mouse series” supports 7 types of Windows 8 gestures. Swipe on its surface for commands such as “scrolling”, “zoom in/zoom out”, and “switch apps”. Equipped with.

Tilt Radio

Tilt Radio by Luka. “ Luka Or, of design firm Luka, has created a minimalistic radio with a novel, interactive design. The radio was built using something called Aruino, which is an open source.

Radio 08  Mikael Silvanto / RCA Design Products Collection

Radio 08 by Mikael Silvanto

Native Design

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Vocia Audio System Design Looks Good

Want some pretty audio systems for your home? The Vocia DSP servers, and Vocia concept designs will certainly fit in well with modern.