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an image of some plants with the words afrikaans written on them in black ink
Ink skryf in Afrikaans
a child holding the hand of an adult with a hat on his head and wearing a green dress
the poem is written in german and has an image of a jar with spoons next to it
Kombuis Gebed
a man with blue eyes is featured on the cover of sxree
Uitskiet-treffer: Grondgebed
a deer with long horns standing next to a forest filled with trees and grass, in front of a bible verse
Lady, Inspiration, Thoughts, Inspire
two people standing on the beach at sunset with words written in front of them that read,
My liefste kinders
a pink flower and some hearts on a white surface with a bible verse written below it
Quick, Morning, Language
some pink roses are laying in the sand with an ocean behind them and text that reads,
Opstaan..vergeet van gister se foute
a boat floating on top of the ocean with a quote above it that says, gelof
a child's face with the words god is groter as engge las
God is groter as ENIGE las
a drawing of a girl whisking something in a bowl with words written on it
Morning Messages, Good Morning
Poems, Life Quotes, Believe
Friends, Good Morning Snoopy
a cartoon giraffe standing in front of a sunset
Ek is skatryk want ek kan voluit leef, ek het familie & vriende, ek is gesond, ek kan lag & liefhê.
Ideas, Jokes, Humor
a wooden sign hanging from the side of a wall
a child standing on top of a scale with the words, as if you had dropped her
Frases, Media, Fotos, Inspiring Quotes About Life, Scripture, Medina
Inspirational, Friendship Quotes, Sisters, Posters, Sentimental
Friendship, Snoopy, Words Of Wisdom, Me Quotes
a woman holding a cup of coffee in her hands with the caption's saying
Placecol Fresh Beauty
Soms is ‘n koppie koffie saam met ‘n goeie vriendin al die berading wat jy nodig het. #VrouweesReels #Placecol
an image of a poem written in the language of roses and clocks on a table
Placecol Fresh Beauty
Tyd is gratis maar dit is prysloos. Jy kan dit nie besit nie maar jy kan dit gebruik. Jy kan dit nie hou nie maar jy kan dit spandeer. Maar as jy dit verloor het, kan jy dit nooit weer terugkry nie. #VrouweesReels #Placecol
a cartoon character with an expression on the face and handwritten words above it that say,
an image of a cartoon character with words on it
Winnie The Pooh, Happy Good Morning Quotes
a poem written in french with pink orchids on the bottom and an inscription below it
Feliz, Good Morning Hug, Morning Blessings
Glo in jou drome.. Glo in jouself Dance, Ballerinas, Netball, Let It Be
Glo in jou drome.. Glo in jouself
a cartoon character with red hair peeking out from behind a wooden pole and text that reads, go get more you're doing
goeie more jou oulike ding
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch with the words jesus is jou verkel
a collage with pink flowers and words