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a hand with the words raman day 6 on it and an image of a person holding
a man kneeling down on top of a rug with his head in his hands and the words ramadan day 5 when prayer becomes a habit victory becomes a lifestyle
a person in a yellow shawl with the words raman day 5
an image of a man in front of a mosque with the words, wake us up with the call to prayer keep us alive with prayer lead us with prayer
an open book with arabic writing in the middle and on top of it is a hand holding
arabic calligraphy with the names of different languages
an arabic text with the words supplication that opens the doors to heaven
an islamic quote with the words you alih please her my heart when my words no longer know what to pray for
a dandelion with the words maybe you dislike something while alah invests it with an abundant good
a person sitting on top of a mountain under a sky filled with stars and clouds
the words meet allah, tell him your wishes and get everything
Thoughts, Remember, Truth
a card with flowers on it and the words, for every blessing, aloha has given me