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My Crazy Path

Wicca and the Inner Mysteries
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You’ve asked, so here it is! A common way on how to cast a circle, although keep in mind every witch is different! Always remember there is…
Book of Shadows:  Casting the Circle.
White Witch - Spells for casting and breaking your circle with...

Casting a Circle

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Blank pages

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Love this Sun!
here comes the sun <3


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Sacred Rituals Sacred Equinox Blessing
Sacred Rituals  Black Moon Rising  The Gathering - On 31 October 2016 a black moon rises.  It heralds the beginning of a new cycle of life.  This is a potent time to set new intentions and call upon universal energies to assist you on your sacred journey.  Animal totems and sacred energies have gathered at this time to offer you great insight and assist you reach your highest potential.  I honour your Divine inner light,  With much love and blessings,  Sharon   X
Sacred Rituals Sacred Earth - Dearest light traveller, Across the globe sacred earth chakras pulsate. As their energy heightens, you are called to walk upon a spiritual journey in honour of those who maintain the lineage of sacred ceremonies. Walk with me and be cleansed by ancient traditions. I honour your Divine inner light. With much love and blessings, Sharon X

Sacred Rituals and Blessings

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Imbolc Playlist - Ozark Pagan Mamma

Imbolc 1st February - Spring Begins

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Spring Equinox Playlist - Ozark Pagan Mamma

Ostara 21st March - Spring Equinox

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5 Awesome Beltane Celebration Ideas for Solitaries by The Magick Kitchen

Beltane 1st May - May Day

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I draw the summer sunInto my soul and hold my power high today, as Solstice energy courses through my veins and connects me to the ancients and all who have gone before, I am divinely alive, I feel the warmth of my beloved Sun as it's rays dance on my skin.. on this the longest day of the year. Solstice blessings

Litha 21st June - Summer Solstice

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From The Magical Druid, things for people to do to celebrate Lughnasadh even if they don’t have a local group to work with on the night.
The Wheel of the Year: Lammas or Lughnasadh | Wayward Inspiration

Lughnassadh 1st August - Final Harvest

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50 Vintage Thanksgiving Recipes
October is rich with seasonal celebration and traditions, and for good reason. After a long, laborious summer and fall harvest season, October is an opportunity to reap the many rewards of your year’s hard work. Here are 5 autumn rituals to honor the shadow season and celebrate the magic of fall.

Mabon 21st September - Autumnal Equinox

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samhain 1st November - New Year

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"The Winter Solstice or \"Yule\" celebrates the shortest day and the longest night. In Old England, The Twelfth Night marked the end of the winter festival that started on Samhain October 31st. The Lord of Misrule symbolizes the world turning upside down with the coming of winter. In the middle ages, the Twelfth Night began on the eve of December 25th moving forward 12 days to January 6th, hence the name the twelve days of Christmas. Yule Twelfth Night Casting Herbs are a proprietary mix of bles
Magical Winter Solstice Brew :: A Recipe for Holiday Yule Wine 2

Yule 21st December - Winter Solstice

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Yes, I am. I'm an introvert. I'm not shy. I'm a noticer. I am a thinker. I'm an observer. I'm not stuck up. I'm not anti-social. I treasure my solitude. I'm not a fan of small talk. I prefer a few close friends. I am reserved, until I'm not. I appreciate true connection. If we connect, you matter to me.
60 Being Sensitive Quotes and Sayings | The Random Vibez
Scorpio’s are often single because they shut people out. - WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope!


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Designed to fit on 42" wide fabric.  Also available for 54" wide fabric, or contact me for custom sizing.
sky frame faded


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Image result for hoodoo delish


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DO NOT IGNORE THESE WARNING SIGNS! Our body is just the vessel to our soul, however it has the power to communicate with us when our body is out of sync and how to fix it! Check out these important alerts from your body that your energy is out of alignment!
Here's an essential life tool for you! Harness the power of energy cord releasing and you'll harness more personal power and balance than you know! An energy cord releasing is not only advisable but also necessary to remain clear and in control of your own power. Join #PsychicMedium Michelle and learn how to release negative psychic energy cords. #energycord #personalpower #psychicdevelopment #energycordreleasing #meditation
How To Deal With Energy Vampires Manifesto.  Seriously, there are so many different vampires after your energy and emotions, learn to protect yourself.


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they all come out at night


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Honey cakes bake up like summer solstice in a pan. Golden, sweet and almost glowing, this beautiful, pull apart honey cake makes the perfect addition to any Litha or Midsummer ritual. #cake #baking #desserts #dessertfoodrecipes #sweets #glutenfree
The perfect treat to share for the coming Flower Moon, Litha or Midsummer celebration! Decorated with real, dried florals, these golden sugar cookies strike a balance between a sophisticated garden banquet and a whimsical, Alice-in-Wonderland tea party.
Witches Dinner Party | Halloween Table | Samhain Celebration | Me and Annabel Lee


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The Tarot - Google Docs
LowBrow Tarot, illustration by Daniel Martin Diaz


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Need a perfect wedding or anniversary gift and have a little scrap wood sitting around? Make a wooden cake knife! It's an easy DIY woodworking project that you can make in a weekend. It's a perfect rustic statement piece for cutting cake or soft cheeses and it's food safe! Check out the full tutorial on Lazy Guy DIY!
Beautiful outdoor lounge was set up with this Macrame Teepee Rental. Artist Lucy Lanuza from Macrame Elegance has created it to rent for your next event.
Potter frenchy party - Travaux pratiques : coffrets et kits pour les cours de magie et de potions - diy - harry potter inspiration - hogwarts - alchemy set


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Reiki: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Reiki for Beginners in 30 minutes or Less! (Reiki - Reiki Healing - Reiki For Beginners - Yoga for Beginners - Meditation ... Beginners - Kundalini For Beginners - Zen) - Kindle edition by Mason Anthropi. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.


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Custom from Calista                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Hummingbird poster from 13 Moons.


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Picture added to my collection
$77.99 Found it at Wayfair - Ultimate The Wizard Wall Mural

Masculine Witch/Wizard

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Il relax si cela tra boschi incantati.
Now this is a front porch I can live with!

Witch House

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