Amsterdam, The Netherlands

[Mustard bicycle by the canals of Amsterdam, The Netherlands] They don't fool around with their bicycles; they have some of the coolest bikes I've ever seen with crazy colors and so much character. Now if only I can get my hands on one like this!

Field of Hyacinths - Northern Holland where over half the world's flowers come from.

Hyacinths from Vogelenzang, North Holland, NL. Can you imagine the perfume of this place? OMG I love the smell of hyacinth

WOW.....THIS IS SO AMAZING! Port of Rotterdam,The Netherlands |  by Philippe Lejeanvre, via Flickr

Rotterdam boat in the Rotterdam Harbor - Netherland (October HDRI - Pentax Rotterdam © Philippe LEJEANVRE. All rights reserved.

Kinderdijk Sunset,  Netherlands, South Holland. Royal Orange.

I thought of u Alisha ! If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much :) Kinderdijk Sunset, Netherlands, South Holland.


The Keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands. Photo inspiration with beautiful natural color and perspective.

Dutch babies - "wooden shoe" like to pinch their cheeks?  #Dutch Children #Wooden Shoes #Holland #Vintage Photos

when I was a little girl Dutch children still dressed like this.

wooden shoes

Dutch Village - Holland, Michigan, USA - Love this place! The klompen maker.