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15 houseplants for improving indoor air quality

Fibonacci in Spiral Aloe: Aloe polyphylla. Leaves form a unique clockwise or counter-clockwise geometric spiral-pattern as the plant ages.

Peter Jansen. sculpture (running) - This 3D piece is also 4D in that it repeats an image over time.

Moving artwork: the kinetic sculptures of Peter Jansen

Runner (Human Emotions), 2007 by Peter Jansen on Curiator, the world's biggest collaborative art collection.

As I begin to think about time I immediately go to the right now. I need to pause and think about the long term. What Career do I want, what's going to help me later on, what relationships can I build now for later... When the world says me-me-now-now

This is one of my favorites on Maison Luxe: Rope Print

restvorm een vorm die overblijft als je hem tekent of uitknipt ook een vorm die onstaat als twee vormen elkaar gedeeltelijk overlappen.

De illusies van Escher

Sky and Water I: Another Escher classic

ritme-> de golven van de zee en de golven in het zand zijn een overduidelijk beeld van ritme.

30 Natural Phenomena You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Surfer of Rip Curl team surfs over the bono (natural phenomenon of rolling big waves on the river, happens before sea tidal) in Kuala Kampar River, Riau, Indonesia. According to locals, these waves reach meters height and is challenging for surfing.

Ritme en herhaling

Green Fern on Black Background - David Young (C) All Rights Reserved. The Forest New frond in the Sherbrooke Forest, Victoria Australia.


*Yukio Kimura* inspirations and visual diary