Swing from an empty shoe box

Swing from an empty shoe box. Paint the shoebox, add the rope and "child", scoot it up so no strain on the swing when adding other things in box. After kids empty box, they find one last treasure.

Schommelen in een oude schoenendoos

This could be a fun way to create Calder acrobats! Swing From An Empty Shoe Box Project For Kids - by Krokotak - == - By Russian educative website Krokotak, here is a cool project for kids, with a tutorial full of photos that dispenses words.

Shoebox village

It takes a village. A cardboard one, that is. This would be the time to gather all those cereal boxes, shoe boxes, paper tubes and cardboard. A great craft for a class or group of kids.

Shoe Box house

Shoebox House Exhibition- The shoe box house project.Each box is a different room for a different resident

Schilderen op een krant heeft een heel mooi effect. Het is doenbaar in iedere graad mits aanpassing van de opdracht uiteraard.

Cute kid project-Old Book Pages and Bright Color - I love how this looks. Great project to do with kids - decoupage old book pages onto a piece of wood - let dry - use it as canvas for artwork - cheap, easy, rewarding!

DIY Cardboard Shoebox Theater (with working lights!)

How To Make A Light Up Shoebox Theater

The arctic fun continues. Today we share with you this SUPER CUTE shoebox theatre puppet. Whether you are in mid Winter or mid Summer, this cute penguin and arctic scene play craft is simply wonderful.