Sijtske van Lambalgen
Sijtske van Lambalgen
Sijtske van Lambalgen

Sijtske van Lambalgen

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Perhaps you'd prefer to make your own cloak? Here's how. Thanks, eqos! Instructions for Gored Cloak by ~eqos on deviantART

an absolutely fantastic step by step for how to make Belle's Provincial dress. Very simple, straightforward, and easy to follow

Fireballs you can Hold in Your Hands!

Fireballs you can hold in your hand! Be careful and read instructions carefully, as many people have gotten burned from not paying attention.

VERY cool tutorial on how to make a creepy looking spell book!

Long Hooded Cape Sewing Pattern - Laura Marsh Sewing Patterns

Leather Potion Bottle Holder

DIY Leather Potion Bottle Holder: Perhaps of interest to aspiring alchemists or Treecallers?

Nine Man Morris Game

Class 4: Man and Animal: Fox and Geese, Medieval game.

Abbot of Misrule - medieval games (especially board Games). Loooooove it! It'll be great to see what kind of games I can modify for the Shades of Ruin LARP!! :D

Corset for the Business Professional

DIY corset Pattern and how to make this , free here.