For the entry way closet for all those hats, scarves, etc.  Um, genius! shelves attached to the inside of a closet door

shelves attached to the inside of a closet door. I don't have any closet doors like this, but this is a great idea for the back of my craft room door, or the bedroom door. Also a pantry door!

I wonder if we could change the bifolds in the basement to the furnace to double bookshelf doors?

DIY Bookshelf Door

DIY Bookshelf Door, remove and store original apartment door, replace with bookshelf door, and put original door back when moving out.

pantry door organizer

Kitchen Organization - DIY Foil & More Organizer

Pantry Door Organizer - DIY foil and zip-lock bag holder.this would make the pantry less disastrous!

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trapkast indeling

drawers at the bottom, maybe use Ikea's stuva, trofast etc for that