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20 Easy DIY Lamp Ideas for Creative Home Decor on a Budget

Improving room lighting is one of the essentials of good home decor and interior design. If you did just this one thing, you’d do very well…

idee om met oude balk te doen? met rode elektriciteitsdraden vanuit vide?

Reclaimed Wood Beams Best DIY

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These lights bring a little something to most spaces. They toughen up a too-sweet interior, they age the brand-new, and they complement the aged.

Edison Cage Light Victory Pendant Lamp Ivanhoe Union Warehouse Porcelain Pendant Emmett Pendant Light Small Vintage Pendant Factory Light No.

Prachtig.. voor meer inspiratie of

Lime Paint is made with natural mineral paint composed of quick lime and all natural pigments; when applied, Fresco Lime will become a part of the surface, not merely resting on the top of the surface like latex paints. The final finish is one of matte,…

Sfeerbeeld van onze showroom. Vergrijsde tafel en stoere betonstuc lampen.

Showroom Molitli Interieurmakers - sweet j light fixtures, i want they I want they :) quanto questa I wonder.

ikea Hektar lamp - could spray paint brass/gold after using a gray or white spray primer

leuk te maken van twee oude deurtjes

Add lighting without wall damage. And when you move, it goes along too!cute for either side of a bed in guest room.also as headboard of bed.or the outer sides of a headboard

Nieuw: Boomstam Plafondlamp met kooldraadlampen. De boomstam is prachtig oud verweerd. Deze eiken tak is zeker 20 jaar verweerd in het bos. voor meet info? bel 06430 15776. --

New: Trunk Ceiling lamp with carbon filament lamps. the trunk is magnificent old weathered. This oak tree is definitely weathered 20 years in the forest. for measuring information?

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Stoere originele oude industrielamp in blauw/grijze kleur uit. Industrieel brocante bij (webshop en grote winkel van 750m2)

Stoere originele oude industrielamp in blauw/grijze kleur uit. Industrieel brocante bij (webshop en grote winkel van 750m2)