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Blair Waldorf
a woman in a long silver dress standing next to a vase with flowers
Blair Waldorf looks
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Definitely looks better on Blair than it did on Jessica Simpson
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Leighton Meester
a woman walking down the street carrying a black purse and wearing tights, holding a handbag
5 Outfits Blair Waldorf Would Wear This Year
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leighton-meester on Tumblr
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XOXO Gossip Girl
Xoxo, Gossip Girl
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44 Blair Waldorf Fashion Moments You Forgot You Were Obsessed With on "Gossip Girl"
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31 of Blair Waldorf's most memorable outfits on 'Gossip Girl'
Blair Waldorf's best outfits - Insider
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a woman standing in front of a mirror wearing a white shirt and black skirt with a bow tie
Gossip girl is here
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