Simone Jorritsma

Simone Jorritsma

Simone Jorritsma
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geld geven in een bierglas.  stop gele gel in een bierglas, doe daar de munten in en met scheerschuim maak je het pilsje af.  leuk kado voor de bierliefhebber

money gift idea for beer lovers. Take a wine or beer glass, put yellow hair gel in it. Drop the coins in the gel and put shaving cream on top

Parmaham, rucola, pijnboompitten en Philadelphia/monchou

Ham-creamcheese bites with rucola and pine nuts. Simple and very tasty. I used a thin sliced Couburger-ham which is a salty ham, a little ground pepper on the natural creamcheese and I made sandwiches to take on a boat trip in stead off rolls.

polymer clay insects bugs | ... bee bumblebee bee polymer clay bug sculpture figurine gift insect

honey bee bumblebee bee polymer clay bug sculpture by clayqts