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an email sign that reads, unhinged email signs until my boss says something with fighting words, ern
spongebob standing in front of an entrance with the caption when someone is extremely too nice to me at the bus station
a man sitting in a chair next to a woman
Polin obsession
a group of women dressed in yellow dancing around a fire pit with the words, me and the women in line for the club bathroom
ig: @paigeodoyle
four different pictures with the words winter of rome, spring of rome and summer of rome
Fall of Rome
a tweet with the caption that reads, casey noak hands you six - year - old this is an old family recipe
the text on the tweet reads, pickles are fantastic until you're one
two tweets are shown in the dark with one saying,'classical studies memes for hellenii rip icars, he would have loved red bull '
rip icarus
a white background with an image of a woman's face and the words wishy - washy i keep saying it is what it is