olive tree

Consider a series of shaped trees in rectangular pots against the family room glazing to soften the courtyard

Outdoor living special: Just add sunshine

Selina Lake Outdoor Living Book 12 page special Just add sunshine as featured in Magazine - Styling by Selina Lake Photography by Debi Treloar. Fill a vase with water floating candles and flowers and display around garden

Tulp, tulpen, tulip, bloemen, flowers

Spring tulips in wire basket. Great idea - plant in the fall and keep in a dry cool spot over winter watering a couple times a month - and spring comes and put them out on your front porch to greet guests!

Tulips - among my favorite flowers!

Snel kleur in huis met Bol op pot

Indoor Tulips - Fill glass container about with glass marbles or decorative rocks. Set tulip bulb on top of marbles or stones; pointed end up, add more marbles or rocks; so bulb is surrounded but not covered. Pour fresh water into the container.

moderne boeketten | Modern rozen boeket inclusief vaas

moderne boeketten | Modern rozen boeket inclusief vaas

Mooie plantentrap met een smeedijzeen frame en tredes met keramiektegels.

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Etagère kwartrond metaal + keramiek

Etagère kwartrond metaal + keramiek