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van Laarhoven van Laarhoven

van Laarhoven van Laarhoven
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Terras voegen met epoxy voegmiddel  Dit is te vergelijken met de voegen van cement. Maar deze voegen zijn waterdicht, in tegenstelling tot voegen van cement die steeds water kunnen opzuigen (en ’s winters kunnen barsten).

This is similar to the joints of cement. However, these joints are waterproof, in contrast to addition of cement which can always suck up water (and may burst in winter).

sewing pattern for a quiver | Back Quiver Pattern ...

Hey guys, I've been lurking here for a few weeks and figured maybe I should introduce myself and show some of my work. My name is Cam and I took up leather.

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Gisborne is an accomplished archer. Both with the small Saracen bow and the infamous English long bow. (Taken from "English Longbowmen" in the Osprey series.