Rockfish Recipes

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Rockfish with Fennel and Butter En Papillote

Our Chief Officer of Communications & Community Mandy Marcum created this recipe for one of the easiest and most delicious preparations of rockfish. Steaming in parchment guarantees moist fish and locks in delicate vegetable and herb flavors. Try mixing up different combinations of vegetables and herbs and spices.

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Foil-Baked Pacific Cod with Oranges, Scallions, & Ginger

Sarah Hauser's recipe takes first runner-up in our 2016 member's recipe contest. Her recipe is a reminder that citrus is a perfect complement to great wild fish!

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Quinoa Crusted Pacific Cod with Mojo Verde

A good fish fry is crunchy in the outside, meaty, and light in the inside. This is a hearty and light recipe that works perfectly with the mild flavor of Pacific Cod. Using quinoa and egg white to create a light and crispy crust also makes this recipe gluten free.

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Kerala-Style Coconut Fish Curry with Tomatoes and Spinach

This (mostly) classic fish curry comes from Kerala, in southern coastal India, where seafood and coconut are in great abundance. Curry leaves, no relation to curry powder, impart a pleasant bitterness and can be found fresh in Indian markets or dried online. There are no real substitutes, but unavailability will not ch

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Panko-Crusted Pacific Cod with Spinach & Mushrooms

A hearty dish to shake off any vestiges of winter, the earthy notes of roasted mushrooms complement the freshness of sautéed spinach beautifully. Then, stealing the show is a lightly breaded, buttery, flaky Pacific cod fillet, making for a nutritious, flavorful meal. Recipe by share member & food blogger, Sarah Hauser.

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Baked Fish and Chips

Typically, you serve this in newspaper to absorb the excess oil, but we’re lightening this up by baking our fish and chips instead. Nic and Marsh were the official taste-testers on this recipe and it passed with flying colors. -Ali

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Oven-Fried Fish and Chips with Roasted Green Beans and Dijon Remoulade

We’ve riffed on the classic fish and chips to create a lighter version by popping everything into a hot oven instead of the deep fryer. (Hey, no judgement here — we love crispy fried fish!) It all gets served with a N’awlins style tartar sauce called remoulade.

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Cornmeal Dusted Lingcod Tacos

What's not to love about fish tacos? Well, here's a fun twist on a classic dish! We made ours with lingcod, but these would also be really tasty with halibut or Pacific cod. A definite crowd-pleaser—just don't count on leftovers!

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Crispy Fish Tacos with Creamy Jalapeño-Cilantro Hot Sauce

Ordinarily, fish would be fully thawed before cooking, but in this case, it’s fine for the fish to be partially frozen. It allows for easier slicing and a slightly longer frying time without the worry of overcooking the fish. The recipe for the hot sauce yields more than you’ll need for these tacos, but it’s great on e

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Broiled Rockfish with Lemony Potatoes, Olives, and Mint

Mediterranean flavors run deep in this simple one-pan supper. Potatoes and tender white fish fillets are roasted and drizzled with lemon juice, oregano, olives, feta, and mint. Throw in a handful of baby spinach for good measure (not to mention iron, calcium, and oh, deliciousness), and dinner is served.

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Pan-Fried Fish Cakes and Romesco Sauce with Greens and Quick Pickled Veggies

Fish cakes and Romesco sauce is a winning combination. We’ve simplified this Catalan sauce, which typically includes roasted tomatoes, by swapping in sun-dried tomatoes. Tart, quick-pickled cucumbers and shallots add brightness and crunch.

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Spicy Fish Taco Bowl with Cilantro Rice and Lime Crema

No need to wait until Tuesday for this quick and yummy deconstructed fish taco. Chopped cilantro adds unexpected flair to the rice and lime juice adds brightness to the sour cream. The toppings below are suggestions, but feel free to add your own favorites.

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Super Crispy Fried Fish Fingers with Easy Homemade Tartar Sauce

As the title suggests, these fish fingers are super crispy and super light, thanks to the combination of flour, cornstarch, baking powder, and seltzer. The batter, seasoned with Old Bay, does double duty. It’s used first as a dry coating — the dredge — which helps the batter to stick, then gets mixed with seltzer for a

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White Claw Fish Fry

This classic Friday night favorite gets a citrus twist with lime White Claw and a side of sweet chili remoulade!

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Old Bay White Fish Chowder

This super satisfying, all-in-one, one-pot chowder combines meaty white fish, hearty potatoes, and baby spinach, flavored with Old Bay Seafood seasoning blend and comes together pretty quickly. It freezes well in single servings and is best rewarmed in the microwave or stovetop at a light simmer.

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Seared Rockfish with Sizzling Ginger Sauce

This simple combo of fried scallions, ginger, and chiles will dress up any piece of fish, though it’s ideally suited to go with leaner-fleshed white fish such as halibut, cod, or rockfish. It makes enough for 4 servings, but you may find yourself drizzling on everything — wilted spinach, roasted potatoes, rice, cardboa