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an abstract blue and white background with wavy lines in the center, forming a circular shape
Shape studies / davidmascha
an open book with a diagram on the front and back cover that has circles in it
8+ New Process Infographic Examples & Ideas - Daily Design Inspiration #14 | Venngage Gallery
the front page of an article about how to use it
Eye-catching illustrations #7
an abstract black and white drawing with lines
Danny Jauregui's Store | Society6
Danny Jauregui | Ruin #7, 2007 | Graphite and ash on panel
an eyeball is shown in the middle of a white paper with black lines on it
Tehos Frederic CAMILLERI | Saatchi Art
Tehos - Black eye 03
a white sheet with black lines on it and the words slow mailio written in cursive writing
Social-Bee Lebensläufe
Social-Bee ist eine Organisation, die Geflüchteten hilft, schneller einen Job zu finden. Aber in einem Stapel Bewerbungen aufzufallen, ist gar nicht so einfach. Erst recht mit einer Lücke im Lebenslauf, die durch die Flucht entsteht. Mit Social-Bee wird diese Lücke zu einer Stärke. „Social-Bee Lebensläufe“ machen die Fluchtroute zu einem Teil der Gestaltung. Hierbei handelt [...]
a black and white photo of some type of text on a piece of paper with lines
the vimes poster is shown in black and white, with an abstract pattern on it
NameBright - Coming Soon
Eva-Maria Offermann (Germany) Reinklang at Unten poster, 2015 via garadinervi
a company history powerpoint template with photos and business people on it, all in squares
►Company History Timelines | PowerPoint Template
PowerPoint Timeline Template for Company Histories
an assortment of colorful folded paper on a white surface with one folded in the shape of a mountain
Archillect on Twitter
an image of a fingerprint made out of many different colored lines and words on a white background
Collages, vingerafdruk Sheryl Sorg
Papier in de herkansing: Collages, vingerafdruk Sheryl Sorg
a large stack of colorful papers sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
Amazing 3D Paper Patterns