Huisjes in de winter

kids art is the best! winter art - would be great for Kindergarten shape house lesson!

1 point perspective art lesson - by deep space her art lessons!!!

One-Point Perspective Art Lesson

1 point perspective art lesson - by deep space sparkle. Would love to do 2 point perspective lesson as well!

Rizzi-for-Kids    James Rizzi has left his mark on the world. His amazing illustrations has made an indelible impression on me and my students. Last Fall, my sixth graders did a unit on James Rizzi which included Faces and Simple Birds. This time we had fun with James Rizzi Inspired Skyscrapers. This is a super easy lesson for older students. 100% fun and successful.

James Rizzi Art Lessons

My son came home from Kindergarten drawing James Rizzi skyscrapers, so I went in search of more resources and found this! The whole website of art lessons is great!


FREE printable coloring paper house lantern //Print out this .pdf, paint the house, cut it out, fold and glue the four walls of the house by using the tab (left). Create with me art center

5 Inspiring Cardboard Castles and Houses. Paper house Cardboard city.

Teachers and parents/caregivers DIY play structure for kids: Paper house Cardboard city. Outline windows in masking tape. Hopefully will include monster to attack it.

design freebies: paper houses.

*Links to Japanese site; incredibly awesome printables to make what looks like an entire town--now if i could read japanese