High heels. Shoes. Men. Funny.

Shut up, I wear heels bigger than your dick. bahahahah i think i peed my pants when i read this

oh...so true!

That awkward moment when you come home, look in the mirror, and think ." i do that all the time my hair be sticken up and shit im thinken damn my friends left me hangin,

Having a rough day? Don’t give up – DespicableMeMinions.org

Having a rough day? Place you hand over your heart. That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason.DONT GIVE UP.

I love u Elmer Fudd

When a girl does a 'Duck Pose' comment on her picture write 'BANG!' if i the comment back confused; say it Duck Hunting Season.

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autumn photograph, heart shaped leaf, orange, gold leaves on tree in fall, home decor : product : papernstitch

Minon quotes

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Simply a heart!

Thinking about getting a tattoo in memory of my miscarriage, adding "always in my heart" under/ around in white ink? Maybe under my Love tat? Or, like, behind the ear?